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    • Imported PowerSoft amplifier module: LITEMOD HV+DSP-LITE

    • LITEMOD HV is a compact and powerful functions amplifier module which can be loaded under high impedance with 700w@8ohm or 1400w@16ohm bridge mode,it's adopted compact PFC power with high output to ensure reliability and conformity under all working situations.

    • DSP-LITE is a 2 inputs / 3 outputs high performance processing board,it's integrating an extremely compact interface panel compatible with mono-in/link-out or stereo-in configurations. The built-in USB port allows to access DSP-Lite processing capabilities directly from the PC running Armonнa Pro Audio Suite™ software, to easily program and store up to 4 presets that can be selected by the end user.

    • SLA10Ha is an active medium-size line array system. It comprises dual 8"ferrite magnetic LF units, a 10"ferrite magnetic MF unit and dual HF drivers with its diaphragm diameter 44mm.

    • T shape cabinet structure,easy installation and uninstallation with lock pins,10 adjustable cabinet angle range.

    • SLA 2.8BA and SLA 2.12W/BA make up an excellent point source system.

    • With the customized hanging wares,the system can be used both for hanging and be put on the ground.

    • Sound feature of SLA 2.8BA is clear,full and strong.

  • Chọn màu sắc:
  • Danh mục : Loa Array
  • Nhà sản xuất : Beta Three (B3)
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  • Tình trạng : Hết hàng

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5-Transducer 3-Way Active Full Range Speaker
SLA 2.8BA is a full range speaker of medium-size line arraysystem. It comprises dual 8" ferrite magnetic sub units, a 10"ferrite magnetic MF unit and dual 44mm titaniumdiaphragm HF drivers. The fact proves its crossover point is perfect. Regarding structure of SLA 2.8BA, it applies the appearance with new surface painting process by advanced painting technology. And its T shape structure makes hardware installation and uninstall easily by lock pins. Furthermore, the speaker can be conveniently adjusted 10 degrees vertically by angle adjustment.
High-power voice coil is fit for its 75 mm MF unit. The material of voice coil skeleton is high intensity TIL and the voice coil is wrapped by round copper wires, which not only strengthen its power handling ability, but also improve its sensitivity.
As for its sub unit, the material of voice coil skeleton is high intensity ASV and the 50mm high-power voice coil is wrapped by high temperature resistant round copper wires, which not only strengthen its power handlingability, but also improve its sensitivity. 44mm titanium voice coil of its HF driver is wrapped by aluminum flat wire ring. Patented technology of the high frequency waveguide and horns also help a lot to sound quality that completely satisfies customers' demand.
SLA 2.8BA cabinet is made up of 15 mm thick laminate,brand-new acoustic design with compact, smart and fashionable appearance. Its polyurethane paint stands wear and tear. The tensile resistance of itself is up to 3500N. Customized lifting hardware is applied to installation. The speaker itself is not influenced by otherexternal force, but its own weight, when lifting going on.
The weight of all speakers suffered by customized hardware is reasonable designed by our engineers. And the hardware can suffer the max pulling force 45000N, 7times to the safety standards of entire product.
The front plate adopts overall grill design with grill material Q235, powder spray technology, which make the grill not only has high strength, but also has good salt-resistance. It can resist salt spray (5% sodium hydroxide) up to 96 hours and in practical application it can remain no rust in 5 years. Rain proof can be achieved by external stretching cloth design for iron grill. SLA 2.8BA full range speaker, working with SLA 2.12W/BA bass speaker, is used to the application including large-size gymnasium, theater, arena, outdoor living performance venue, etc.

Thông số kỹ thuật:

Acoustical specifications Frequency Response(-3db): 50Hz-20kHz
  Max SPL @ 1m: 124dB/130dB(PEAK)
  Compression driver: 2 x 44mm HF
Transducers Midrange: 1 x 10" MF
  Woofer: 2 x 8" LF
Input/Output section Input Connectors: TRS+XLR(Combo)
  Output connectors: XLR
  Total Power: 320W
  Nominal Impedance (Ohm):
Power section Cooling: Cooling fan
  Power consumption(static): 22W
  Power consumption(rated): 780W±10%
  Voltage range: 100-240V+/-10%
Physical specifications Cabinet/Case Material: Trapezoidal Cabinet,Plywood
  Color: Black
Size Dimension (W x D x H): 685 x 471 x 283mm / (27 x 18.5 x 11.1in)
  Package Dimensions (W x D x H): 580 x 395 x 770mm / (22.8 x 15.6 x 30.3in)
Weight Net Weight: 32.5 kg / 71.7 lb
  Gross Weight: 34.5 kg / 76.1 lb

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